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Unlike other architects who focus on commercial projects, Marcia Lyon specializes in residential projects only, providing impressive remodeling designs utilize the space you have to the maximum.  She offers an exceptional consulting service to provide homeowners what they need — design and direction. Marcia Lyon knows just what you need to get your remodeling project going. This is the service you need BEFORE you call a contractor.



Producing Quality Design Projects


Lyon is credited with  judging in Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement contest for a decade.

More than 13,000 entries nationwide were submitted on the first contest. Homeowners from all over the country with projects small to humongous with a wide range of investment. It was an opportunity to see what the Country was doing in remodeling. This was a high honor and validation that the editors chose her above others to perform this task.  She gleaned


She also did some special projects for the Maytag Corp, including the overall design package for the Maytag Home Appliance stores. For over 20 years, she has produced project plans for Better Homes and Gardens magazine producing drawings and instructions for projects marketed to home woodworkers.


Marcia has also has been a member of Architectural Advisory Committee for the City of Des Moines, IA for 13 years, and an associate member of the AIA. Another organization she was active in was the National Association of Building Officials.


Many of Lyon’s projects have also been featured in major home magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Home Plan Ideas, and Country Home. Today, she is busy with public speaking but her real love is helping people make their homes truly their own through in-home consultations.



About Marcia Lyon

Serving Homeowners Since 1977


Let architecturally trained Marcia Lyon of Creating Spaces take care of your remodeling needs. Creating Spaces has been serving homeowners with all ranges of projects, from a bathroom remodel to tripling the size of a house.






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Making People’s Homes Truly Their Own


In her on-site Consulting meetings, she designs the solutions to your problems right there on the spot!  She draws the homeowners into the design process, listening and incorporating their ideas to make the home truly personalized, yet with an eye for resale. It is very common for homeowners to remark “I would have never thought of that!”


There are two types of Consulting:


- On Site: is where I visit your home and create the drawings there, with you

- A Studio Consulting, is only available if you have ¼” scaled floor plans of your home.  You mail them to me, along with your Priority Lists, and a check, and then we will set up a date to meet on-line.



Learn More About Creating Spaces

Start planning your home remodeling project with Marcia, the experienced remodeling designer of Creating Spaces. Our remodeling architect - she is committed to delivering exceptional work outputs. If you want to learn more about our company and the exceptional service we provide, please give us a call at (515) 991-1300.



Marcia Lyon’s Projects and Articles Published in Major Home Magazines



Better Homes and Gardens:


- Build Your Own Puttering Shed

- Deck Out Some Summer Space

 - Remodeling – An Old House Lights Up

- Remodeling – Breakthrough Bungalow

- Remodeling – Stolen Space



Country Home Magazine:


- Rekindled Romantic Whole House Remodel




Better Homes and Gardens

Special Interest Publications:


- Bedroom and Bath Ideas:


- Treetop View – Bathroom



Kitchen and Bath Ideas:


- Black Tie Glamour – Bathroom

- Kitchen Cabinet Facelift

- Remodeling ‘Recipe” Pleases

- Small Gems – Kitchen

- The Vintage look – Bathroom

- Tuxedo Time – Bathroom

- Yankee Ingenuity



Home Plan Ideas:


A Floor Plan for How You Live

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Remodeling Ideas:


- Remodeling Angled Between the Trees

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Building Ideas:


- Practical Plans for Daily Living




Out Here Magazine:


- Create a Mud Room From Nothing




From House to Home Magazine:


- Add a Second Story

- Vintage Home Updates for Today




Canadian Publications

Toronto Living – Now Magazine:


- Bungalow Kitchen Expands

- Condo Combo Creates Great Space

- Conservative Addition

- Duplex Starter Home

- Makeover Madness

- Move Stairs and Improve the Plan




With Marcia Lyon